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Tree Cutting & Tree Removal Service

West Central Florida Tree Cutting and Tree Removal Professionals

We built Florida Boy Property Services from the ground up to help you with all of your land clearing, tree cutting and removal needs. Based in Brooksville, our tree removal experts are here to serve the Citrus, Hernando, Pasco, and Sumter County community.

Removing trees is not only an essential part of taking care of your property; it’s also a great way to help keep your home safe. Our tree removal service can handle everything from old and decaying trees to clearing land for new building projects. We are the tree cutting experts you’ve been searching for.

Tree Related Storm Damage

Tree related storm damage prevention in west central Florida is a huge concern. Every year homeowners wait until it is too late to call a tree cutting or removal expert. Hurricane related tree damage accounts for millions of dollars in damage to homeowners annually. Before the storm comes you should contact us for a survey of your property to determine which trees may cause damage to your home or property.

Protect Your Property with Tree Removal

As trees age or succumb to diseases, they can turn into hazards for both your buildings and your safety. If a tree falls on your land, it could come down onto a building, a vehicle, or even a person. Old and sick trees are unstable and can fall at any moment. It is often hard to tell if a tree is in a bad position just by looking at it from the outside. This is why you need tree experts working with you to help ensure that all of the hazardous trees on your property are taken care of.

We can help you clear the way and make room for new trees, home expansions, in-law quarters, garage extension, out building or other projects. Handling your old and potentially hazardous trees is something that our experts come prepared for with professional equipment to get the job done right and safely the first time.

Proven Experience

We have helped property owners all over the west central Florida area take care of their land. We can help ensure that your trees are healthy and strong as well as taking care of the trees that need to be removed. Whether you are just looking to have a few old trees removed or you have a more expansive project in mind, we are the experts that you need to connect with.

Our tree removal business is just part of our services. We offer comprehensive land clearing, debris removal, and other land management services. When you need to improve your grounds, we’re the team you can trust.

Schedule an appointment today to improve not only the looks but also the safety of your land.

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