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Land Clearing, Brush Clearing & Debris Removal

At Florida Boy Property Services offer expert land clearing that comes from experience. We have helped residents and business owners all over west central Florida clear and improve their property. When it comes time to start clearing land, you need experts on your side.

Clearing land is complicated work that combines skills from a range of specialty fields. This work involves understanding landscaping, construction, excavation, as well as expert knowledge of local laws and state regulations. Our land clearing service cuts out all of the guesswork. We can work with you to get your property to where you need it to be.

When you work with us, you are working with one of the most well respected land clearing companies in the area.

An Experienced Land Clearing Business

Our land clearing business has experience working on every type of job site. We can help you with the detailed work as well as those big projects.

Our teams know what it’s like to help a client sculpt their property to meet their needs. We can help you make the most out of your land by adding things like trails to your property. You can embrace the natural beauty of your land by incorporating selective land clearing to gain access to the natural wonders right outside your door.

​We can also handle big jobs. When you need land cleared for expansions or new buildings, we are the team you can rely on. Clearing land on your own can cost you time and money as well as expose you to dangerous situations. Our crew of land clearing experts can help you get this job done quickly and without risk.

Our land clearing service helps Florida property owners make the most out of their land. Whether you need massive clearing work to prepare for building or you want to redefine your landscaping goals, our team is here to help.

Schedule an appointment today if you’re ready to transform your property. Our team of experts is standing by to help you with all of your land clearing needs.


When you start searching for land clearing services near me, you want to find a company that can help you transform your land.

Our land and brush clearing services can turn your unused property into the canvas you’ve been looking for. Whether you are looking to clear some brush to make way for an expansion or new building or you want something more subtle, we can get the job done.

At Florida Boy Property Services, our landscaping experts can help you make the most out of your land. Transforming your property from unused and overgrown into something you can cherish for years to come is our mission.

You can finally clear out that overgrown patch to make way for a detached garage or have our landscaping experts craft a nature trail that allows you to fully enjoy the natural beauty of your land. No matter what your landscaping goals are, our team can be your guide.

Improving your land starts with clearing away excess brush that is holding you back. You need to make sure that your land is ready for any work that needs to get done. Our landscaping teams can quickly assess your property and take care of any clearing that you require. Our team is ready to help you break new ground on your next project.

Schedule an appointment today to learn more about brush clearing your property.


Florida Boy Property Services is proud to handle all of your debris removal needs. Whether you have rubble from construction, plant matter, or land that needs to be cleared away, we can handle all of the debris you’ve got.

Our expert staff knows how to handle all types of debris and how to get it removed quickly. Don’t get stuck with debris from a recent project, we can make sure that your land is ready to become what you’ve always wanted it to be.

We offer prompt debris removal that Florida homeowners can count on. You’ve been living long enough with unsightly rubble and debris on your property. Our experienced team and get that cleared away quickly and help you get ready for your next big project.

Each different type of debris requires unique tools and skills to handle. Since our teams are experienced with every type of debris, we can get your property cleaned up fast. Whether you’ve got freshly moved earth or you have an excess of brush that needs to be cleared, we are here to get your land to where you need it to be.

It can be incredibly difficult to handle debris on your own, especially understanding local and state regulations about debris removal and disposal. Our experts have been working in this industry for years and we know how to handle every type of debris.

Schedule an appointment today for professional debris removal services.

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